About us

Nature Talks was founded in 2016 and is based in the Netherlands. Our aim is: bring the joy of nature’s beauty to you as a nature lover and photographer. Give you insights and inspiration to spark your creativity. Nature Talks is the platform for nature photography in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Let Nature Talk
We are lending a voice to nature and let her talk. From the smallest insect to the largest mammal, from an unsightly detail to the vastness of the universe, we show it. And sometimes, sometimes you don’t have to say anything, just watch or listen to how nature talks. We hope to inspire you to enjoy nature as much as we do, and also encourage you to capture its beauty. We try to achieve this by organizing: 

1. Nature Talks Photo Festival
We organize an inspiring annual Photo Festival. Every year, more than 3000 visitors relished all the compelling stories with amazing photos of the best national and international photographers during the festival. And they also enjoy the masterclasses, portfolio reviews, exhibition floor and the award ceremony of the Nature Photographer of the Year-contest. 

2. Nature Talks Photo Travels
Nature Talks Travel specializes in organizing and guiding photo-, nature-, hiking- and bird- trips to beautiful nature reserves and photogenic destinations all over the world. We travel to beautiful places in Europe and also to special places outside Europe. 

3. Nature Talks Photo Workshops
Together with numerous well-known nature photographers and biologists, Nature Talks organizes nature photography workshops and courses to coach you in your photographic development.

4. Nature Photographer of the Year-contest
The Nature Photographer Of The Year-contest, is a worldwide nature photo competition. Amateurs and professionals, young and old, everyone is very welcome. Besides the prestigious title “Nature Photographer of the Year” there are some fantastic prizes to win. 

5. Supporting (little) Conservation Projects
With our Nature Talks foundation, we contribute to the preservation and protection of different (little) nature conservation projects. And with every festival ticket we sell, we donate an amount to these  projects. So with your purchase you also support these vitally important projects.

Love for nature and photography
We are a small team with an enormous enthusiasm and love for nature and photography. We hope to inspire you to love and value nature as much as we do, and also encourage you to capture its beauty.