Masterclasses at Nature Talks Talks Photo Festival

During the Nature Talks Photo Festival weekend, professional top photographers will give various master classes. These photographers not only make the most beautiful nature photos and/or films, but they also sell their “stories” to media or other customers.

These masterclasses give you various insights so that you can develop further as a photographer. What is the creative process behind those beautiful photos? What equipment is used? How do they prepare and which (special) techniques are used? Do you want to deepen your photography and your skills? Or do you have a question about a specific topic? Do you want to know the ‘secrets’ of the experts? And learn the tricks from them? Then this is your chance.

Nature photography is explained by the pros during these masterclasses. You will hear everything from them and if that is not enough you can ask the photographer all about it!

The masterclasses are “LIVE”, small-scale and educational. This allows you to ask many questions as you want. The interaction with the photographer is guaranteed! Book on time and avoid disappointment! Limeted spots available.

Find out below which photographers are giving a masterclass.

Johan Lolos (BEL)

Johan Lolos (BEL)

Travel, Documentary & Wildlife Photographer and Influencer

Tips and tricks to boost your instagram and why you should absolutely use it for your business if you are a photographer

Ever heard of Instagram? In 2020 this question has become nonsensical. If you are a photographer you know that Instagram is the most important platform when it comes to sharing photos right now. Any photographer who takes their marketing strategy a little seriously is on Instagram.

With 1 billion people using it every month and 500 million people creating Instagram Stories every day, increasing your visibility on the platform to reach new potential customers has probably been on your to-do list for a while.

For some reason you keep putting this off, probably because you don’t know where to start. If you know what to do and are committed to boosting your Instagram account, this really isn’t a problem!

During this masterclass, Johan Lolos shares all his secrets, tips and tricks with you to increase your visibility on the platform.
He tells you how he went from 100 to nearly 450,000 followers and how to use Instagram in your marketing strategy without having to post expensive ads to gain followers.

By 2020, 83% of all users will discover new products and services on Instagram and 72% of users will make purchase decisions based on something they’ve seen on the platform.

Not on Instagram yet? Or maybe you have an account but you’re not sure what strategy to follow to boost your photography business? Then this masterclass is just for you!

The Instagram train has already left, but you still have time to jump in before it’s too late.

Date and time
Saturday March 13: 2 pm – 4:30 pm (CET time Amsterdam)

Emanuele Biggi (ITA)

Emanuele Biggi (ITA)

Wide angle macro and other madness...

Emanuele Biggi (aka spiderman) discusses the various techniques he currently uses to shoot tiny subjects in their environment. Macro world is getting larger as new technology helps us to show the tiny marvels of undergrowth on another scale.

Emanuele’s event will include topics like:
– Best lenses to use;
– Why to use a certain lens depends on the subject and / or the situation;
– Best lights and illumination in various situations;
– A comparison of different results with examples from Emanuele’s stories.

Warning: the master class will also show people losing their dignity while taking macro shots in forests and deserts. They are laying in the mud and sand or risking their lives and their equipment to get a proper shot…

Date and time
Saturday March 13 2:30 pm – 4:15 pm (CET time, Amsterdam)

Andrew (Andy) Parkinson

Andrew (Andy) Parkinson

The art of backlight

Andrew will teach you all the ins and outs about the art of backlight during this inspirational and informative masterclass. The name says it all, the light comes from behind your subject. He shows you how to use backlight both creatively and also to add an extra element of beauty to your photos. If you use backlight properly, you can, for example, add a lot of atmosphere and depth to your photo. Many different effects can be created by using backlight. Andrew demonstrates it all.

Photographing with this technique can be challenging. For example, to create an image with a good composition and the correct exposure. Andrew shows you under his full range of lighting space that you have with this way of shooting. Make sure you don’t miss this educational and inspiring masterclass!

Date and time
Sunday March 14th: 3 pm – 5 pm (CET time Amsterdam)