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Join us for an Online Nature Photography Journey! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of nature photography from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. Feel free to watch everything up to two months after the event!

Read below how you can follow inspiring and educational lectures, masterclasses, and live Q & As from national and international top photographers online to your heart’s content. In any case, we and the photographers have done everything we can to make it a fantastic online photo event. You certainly don’t want to miss this!

The next and sixth edition of our festival will take place in the first quarter of 2023. More information will follow soon, please stay tuned.

Emanuele Biggi Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020

Nature-Talks goes online. How does it work?

Nature-Talks offers you inspiring and educational lectures. You can watch these lectures after receiving your personal login. We also offer live Q&As. All this can be followed from the comfort of your home. We have a different program on both days. You can buy a complete two-day festival ticket. Or you can buy a ticket for one of these two days.

Extra: every talk has English subtitles and most of the talks are given with the English language/audio.

Easy to log in and join

You do not need any technical computer knowledge to participate in Nature-Talks. You do have to remember your e-mail address and password though… After logging in you see immediately all the lectures. The layout is somewhat similar to Youtube where you can also watch various videos. 

You can log in at any time and are therefore not bound by fixed times (except for the live Q & As, masterclasses, and photo reviews). All you need is a working internet connection. Make yourself as comfortable as possible and follow the sessions from your comfortably seated chair with naturally tasty snacks. Get that popcorn ready. Let Nature Talk!

Jo-Anne McArthur Cameroon Nature Talks Photo Festival

The different program components

Nature Talks Photo Festival is all about inspiration, education, and conservation photography. These themes are woven into our entire program. The different photographers tell their stories, share their secrets and share their best photos. The following program components will be discussed during the Online Nature Talks Photo Festival.

1. Inspirational talks

Where do photo and videographers get their inspiration from and what do they experience behind the scenes? What images are they most proud of? What is their vision? What can we learn from the behavior of an animal or from the environment, so that you can create a better picture? These are just a few of the questions that will be addressed during the various inspiring lectures.

Jo-Anne McArthur Cameroon Nature Talks Photo Festival

2. Educational talks

Sometimes it seems as if that photographer has had all the luck in the world in making that one top record. And that taking that amazing prize-winning photo was just a matter of sheer luck. That it is pure coincidence that they are always in the perfect place at the right time. 

But is that image actually correct? During our instructive lectures, our photographers/speakers will tell you how they arrive at certain photos, videos, or documentaries. How do they prepare? What do you have to take into account? And when do you get what results? Our photographers/speakers share their “secrets” with you and give you practical tips & tricks so that you can immediately apply all that knowledge in practice. And the nice thing is: listen back to the lectures a few times and improve your photography skills!

Fotoreis_Nature talks_Marco_Gaiotti_Ethiopie_fotografiereis

3. Conservation photography

Anyone who has visited our festival before knows what some of the best people have spoken in recent years and that they always had fascinating and penetrating stories that you often only see on TV. Stories that are touching, mind-blowing and that will stay with you for years to come.

Conservation photography is a combination of nature photography and more journalistic photography. Many of our photographers/speakers are committed to protecting and conserving nature with their photos. Everyone knows, our nature and planet are under threat. Among other things, due to the decline in biodiversity, overexploitation, and climate change. Many animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, our rainforests are being destroyed and the ice caps are melting. Conservation photographers want to counter these threats with their photography and often larger photo projects.

Our speakers will tell you everything about their photo and film projects. Questions such as: how do you approach such a project, what is the motivation of the photographer, and what is the role of storytelling in these types of projects and success stories are discussed during these lectures. And sometimes, sometimes a tear…

Jo-Anne McArthur Cameroon Nature Talks Photo Festival

4. Live Q&A’s

During the festival weekend, there will be several live Q&A sessions with different speakers on both days. These times are fixed and you can be there. During the live Q & As, ask the question you’ve always wanted to ask. 

It is of course useful that you have seen the lecture of the photographer concerned for these Q & As so that you can ask in-depth questions. But also feel free to ask questions that are not related to a lecture. The photographers/speakers often find this the best part to chat with their fans. This gives them an energy boost and also inspiration. 

If you are unable to attend the Q&A, but you want your question to be asked and dealt with, that is of course also possible. Mail us your question in advance. Our chairman of the day will then ask your question to the speaker(s). The live Q & As are recorded so that you can watch them later. 

Jo-Anne McArthur Cameroon Nature Talks Photo Festival

5. Photo reviews

Do you recognize this? You take beautiful images but want to discuss these photos with a professional photographer. We have several photographers who can help you with this. What do the photographers think of your images? Does he/she have any tips & tricks? Or maybe you have a specific question yourself? He/she gives you feedback on your photos during these photo reviews. 

How does it work? You digitally send us one or a maximum of two images about which you have a question or want to receive tips & tricks. You will receive the instruction after your booking. Your photos are then discussed in a private group session (with those who have registered for this and anonymous is possible).

The session lasts 3 hours and there is room for a maximum of 25 people. All submitted images are discussed in this session. Our photographer also edits the images and shows you how a photo can transform. You learn a lot from top photographers, from the way he looks at the different images of the participants. Viewing and discussing each other’s images is very educational. Provide a webcam and microphone for live interaction.


olifant bij waterval Marsel van Oosten Nature Talks Photo Festival

Marsel van Oosten Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020
Autumn hide Emanuele Biggi Nature Talks Photo Festival

6. Masterclasses

Do you want to achieve depth as a photographer? And to be mentored in the fine art of player development by the experts? Experienced photographers will share their secrets with you in about 2.5 hours during this masterclass.

Johan Lolos Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020
Logo Nature Photogapher of the Year

7. Audience award Nature Photographer of the Year (NPOTY)

With your vote, we choose the winner of the NPOTY 2022 audience award! During Nature-Talks Photo Festival Online you as a participant can vote for your favorite photo. Who will be the winner ?!

Top 12 reasons why you shouldn’t miss our Nature Talks Online Photo Festival – On Demand

  1. Watch the amazing lectures immediately after buying your ticket;
  2. Masterclasses, photo reviews, and live Q&A sessions all given in the English language;
  3. Most of the lectures given by 25 world-class Nature Photographers are also English spoken (when the talks are in Dutch, we provide English subtitles);
  4. Can’t make it? No problem. You don’t have to miss anything! You will get access for two or three months, to all the session recordings;
  5. Every session is online and you can follow it at every location. Covid-19 proof! Enjoy the festival ambiance from out your living room. Settle in with your favorite snacks and enjoy all the speakers and session;
  6. Get to know all the ins and outs of nature photography and choose from the different programs, you want to know all about: education, inspiration, and/or conservation;
  7. Let the pros unravel their secrets during their live Masterclass;
  8. Have your photos reviewed, get endless inspiration and discover new angles;
  9. Bring out your creativity, you never knew you had!
  10. Vote for your photo of the Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2022;
  11. Connect virtually with other Photographers around the world;
  12. Support the speakers and some good (conservation) causes in these difficult times.
    Johan Lolos Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020 on the top of the Mountain