Conservation Photography & Film

Anyone who has visited our festival before knows what some of the best people have spoken in recent years and that they always had fascinating and penetrating stories that you often only see on TV. Stories that are touching, mind-blowing and that will stay with you for years to come.

Conservation photography is a combination of nature photography and more journalistic photography. 

Many of our photographers/speakers are committed to protecting and conserving nature with their photos. Everyone knows, our nature and planet are under threat. Among other things, due to the decline in biodiversity, overexploitation, and climate change. Many animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, our rainforests are being destroyed and the ice caps are melting. Conservation photographers want to counter these threats with their photography and often larger photo projects.

Our speakers will tell you everything about their photo and film projects. Questions such as: how do you approach such a project, what is the motivation of the photographer, and what is the role of storytelling in these types of projects and success stories are discussed during these lectures. And sometimes, sometimes a tear …

The speakers of Day 1 are giving the live Q&A session on Saturday, March 13th. And the speakers of Day 2 on Sunday, March 14th.


Speakers Day 1 - Saturday March 13th at the 'Conservation Program'

Aaron Gekoski | Saturday

ANIMOSITY: Documenting Human-Animal Conflict

Aaron Gekoski is an internationally acclaimed environmental photojournalist. He documents conflicts between humans and animals in the most inhospitable places on earth. He is also a filmmaker. When we saw one of his documentaries on NatGeo Wild and later another on the Discovery Channel, we knew for sure. We want this speaker at the festival. Aaron is currently busy producing and presenting a series of documentaries on the exotic pet trade and wildlife tourism.

Nature in our world is in crisis. Worldwide, animals are traded, hunted, poached, consumed and exploited to the point of extinction. Their shocking story is told through Aaron Gekoski’s lens and eyes. It showcases powerful and impressive photos and compelling stories from the conservation front line. These range from Cambodian dungeons to drown dogs, voodoo markets in West Africa to cruel wildlife tourism attractions and the shadowy world of the exotic pet trade. It promises to be an impressive lecture with sometimes intense images …

Emanuele Biggi | Saturday

Macro maestro shares his love of creepy-crawlies…

Emanuele Biggi, aka spiderman, nature and conservation photographer, TV presenter, frog and insect nerd. Emanuele will lead us into a eight-legged world, which is way more vast and rich than one could think. A often underrated world of tiny but skillful hunters, parents, divers and engineers.

Spiders live all over the world, except perhaps on the poles. They are woven into every aspect of our life on this planet. Many people often kill spiders as vermin and others keep them as pets. The common thread in Emanuelle Biggi’s story is that we must understand that spiders are a precious ally in our own existence.. 

The survival of the human species on Earth is subjected to the survival of the other forms of life, not the contrary. It’s all about biodiversity. Our world is a playground for life and death, where the fulcrum is the health of every ecosystem. By losing a “piece” of nature, we lose part of us, including a sense of beauty and culture.

Spinnen fotografie Malagasy lion van Emanuele Biggi voor Nature Talks Fotofestival
Spinnen fotografie van Emanuele Biggi voor Nature Talks Fotofestival
Spinnen fotografie van Emanuele Biggi voor Nature Talks Fotofestival
Spinnen fotografie van Emanuele Biggi voor Nature Talks Fotofestival

Stefan Christmann | Saturday

Penguin Love – A bond for live

Love. That is what Stefan Christmann’s lecture is all about during the lecture – with a mix of photos and video fragments. And especially: penguin love. A term that describes the strong bonds that penguins create with each other to survive the brutal Antarctic winter. He tells about his time in Antarctica where he stayed to document the life cycle of the Emperor Penguins.

You will learn all about the Emperor penguins, but also about the Antarctic landscape, the sea ice, the ice shelf and the effects of climate change on the habitat of the penguins. He will also show you how to get to Antarctica and what the research station looks like. In short: a lecture that moves you.


Pinguins in Antarctica door fotograaf Stefan Christmann voor Nature Talks Fotofestival
Pinguins in Antarctica door fotograaf Stefan Christmann voor Nature Talks Fotofestival
Pinguins in Antarctica door fotograaf Stefan Christmann voor Nature Talks Fotofestival
Keizerpinguins van fotograaf Stefan Christmann

Matt Maran | Saturday

Shooting foxes, The Compassionate Way

Matt Maran has been photographing wildlife for over twenty years. He traveled around the world several times for this. Since the pandemic, however, he mainly photographed close to home. His personal mission is to promote nature in his own city. He now focuses mainly on capturing the urban red fox. With his photos and stories, Matt wants to inspire you to investigate which fascinating stories play out in front of your own door.

His lecture is therefore about telling interesting stories close to home. Among other things, he will answer the following questions: How do you work on your photo project? How do you develop and tell a story? How do you keep improving photographically and challenging yourself creatively? He also discusses other aspects that are important for your photo project such as building relationships with local people. An inspiring and educational story that mainly focuses on the role of conservation photography.

Vossenfotografie Matt Maran
Vossenfotografie Matt Maran
Vossenfotografie Matt Maran

Speakers Day 2 - Sunday March 14th at the 'Conservation Program'

Jo-Anne-McArthur | Sunday

Animals in the Anthropocene

Jo-Anne McArthur is an award-winning photographer, author and in-demand speaker. As an animal photojournalist, she has spent nearly twenty years highlighting the hidden animals (which we don’t see, but have a close relationship with) in our world.

During this lecture you will travel with Jo-Anne to the cataclysmic climate fires in Australia, to monkey reserves in Africa and an Asian bear rescue in Vietnam. Through her lens, you also get a glimpse into the global industries that mass produce animals for consumption. You will come across various animals in the entertainment that have become victims of our custom. And finally you also follow rescues of many animals.

Jo-Anne highlights the complexity and intelligence of the animals she meets. She shares stories of hope, redemption and a step forward. You will undoubtedly become very impressed and inspired!

Mensenhand en hand van gorilla door fotograaf Jo-Anne McArthur Nature Talks Fotofestival
Varkensneus wordt aangeraakt in boek Hidden van fotograaf Jo-Anne McArthur Nature Talks Fotofestival
Gorilla in auto door fotograaf Jo-Anne McArthur Nature Talks Fotofestival
Beer in dierentuin van fotograaf Jo-Anne McArthur Nature Talks Fotofestival