Photo & portfolio review 

Are you a photographer who has been photographing for a while? Would you like to develop further, but you are not sure how? Are you looking for concrete tips and advice to take the next step and thus become a better photographer?

It is very instructive to hear from the expert what he thinks of your photos, where improvements can be called in for certain areas, and especially where your photographic strengths are. We have several photographers who can help you with this. To guide you in this process, we offer you two options during the Nature Talks Online Photo Festival. Improvements are called in for certain areas. 

1. Photo-review

In a group session, one to two of your images will be discussed (for an additional fee). You will receive concrete feedback on your photo. The coach (for example Marsel van Oosten) will edit your photo to show you how to get the most out of it. Sometimes small adjustments in post-processing completely transform photos. Of course, you learn a lot from the photo coach, but also from each other. Does this sound interesting? At the bottom of the page, you can read more about the working method.

2. Portfolio review

Have your portfolio reviewed by a professional photographer (for an additional fee). A portfolio is an overview of your best work. You use this, for example, to convince others to collaborate with you (for example, placing your images in a magazine). With a nice portfolio, you can also convince potential clients that they should choose you as a photographer for their assignment. Or do you want advice on submitting your best photo to a photo contest?

The portfolio review has been specially set up for beginning professional photographers. But are you an enthusiastic hobby photographer who would like feedback on his/her work? Do not hesitate to book a portfolio review. Evolve beyond!

Evolve beyond!

So don’t miss this and learn how top photographers view your images, editing, and style. Develop yourself further! Get started with the concrete handles or put yourself in the spotlight in the magazines. The number of places is limited, so buy your ticket quickly and reserve your place now.

Marsel van Oosten and Tin Man Lee are participating. Please find more information below.

Marsel van Oosten Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020

Photo reviews at Nature Talks Photo Festival:

Marsel van Oosten

Photo review

Do you recognize this? You take beautiful images, but you want to discuss these photos with a professional photographer. Marsel van Oosten, winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2019 will help you with this.
What does Marsel think of your images? Does he have any tips & tricks? Or maybe you have a specific question yourself? Top photographer Marsel van Oosten receives such questions almost every day. He gives you feedback on your photos during these photo reviews.

How it works?

You digitally send us a maximum of 2 images about which you have a question. Or maybe you would just like to receive tips & tricks. You will receive the instruction after your booking. Your photos will then be discussed in a private group session (with those who have registered for this and anonymous is possible).

The session lasts 2 / 2.5 hours and there is room for a maximum of 25 people. All submitted images are discussed in this session. Marsel also edits the images and shows you how a photo can transform. You learn a lot from how a top photographer, such as Marsel, looks at the different images of the participants. Viewing and discussing each other’s images is very educational.

So don’t hesitate and sign up for this. Provide a webcam and microphone for live interaction with Marsel.

Duration:        2 to 2,5 hours
Investment:   35 USD* / 30 EURO

Date:                 Between March 17th and before April 30th

*The price may vary slightly at the time of booking, depending on the exchange rate. 

*Tin Man Lee & Marsel van Oosten

Portfolio review

Do you find it difficult to select your best images from all those photos? To put together a nice portfolio to show an example to a client, or to participate in a photo competition with those images? It can sometimes be nice if a professional photographer looks at your photos with an objective look. Or do you have other questions that you would like to discuss with the expert? That is all possible. Top photographers Tin Man Lee  & Marsel van Oosten will help you! They will  give you feedback on your photos and provides practical tools that you as a photographer can use again.

How it works?

We plan a date and time for a portfolio assessment in consultation. The reviews are scheduled between March 17 and April 30, 2021. The session takes place online with Zoom / Skype. During this online session you share your computer screen and your images and / or issues will be discussed. So select fifteen to twenty images for your portfolio review that you want to discuss with Tin Man & Marsel. You will receive further information and instructions by e-mail the day at the online festival.

Duration:        45 minutes
Investment:   115 USD* / 95 EURO
Date:                 By mutual agreement (between March 17th and before 30th April, 2021)

*The price may vary slightly at the time of booking, depending on the exchange rate. 
**Limited spots available**

Marsel van Oosten Nature Talks Photo Festival 2020