FAQ Nature Talks Photo Festival ONLINE EVENT - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can read the FAQs (frequently asked questions) of the Nature Talks Photo Festival. If you still have questions, call 0031-345-246009 or email us. You can also use the chat function at the bottom right and leave a message there.

1. Why shouldn't you miss Nature-Talks Photo Festival?

Top 10 reasons for not missing our Nature Talks Photo Festival


  1. Masterclasses, webinars and lectures by 25 international photographers where you will receive answers to all your questions. Question your favorite photographer during the live Q&A;

  2. You don’t have to miss anything. Because we present everything online this year, you can be everywhere. You can look back at all sessions up to two months after the festival weekend at a time that suits you;

  3. Enjoy a real festival atmosphere, but from your living room. Settle in with your favorite snacks and enjoy all the speakers and sessions;

  4. Get to know all the ins and outs of nature photography and choose from the different programs you want to know all about: education, inspiration and/or conservation;

  5. Let the pros unlock their secrets during their live Masterclass;

  6. Have your photos reviewed, get endless inspiration and discover new angles;

  7. Bring out creativity in yourself that you never knew you had!

  8. Vote for your favorite photo from the Nature Photographer of the Year Contest 2020;

  9. Do a good deed and support the speakers and/or some good (conservation) causes in these difficult Corona times.

2. What kind of tickets can I buy? And what does it cost?

You can choose from the following tickets:

  • Day ticket Saturday 35 euros & + 15 lectures + live Q&As of that day (early bird 5 euro discount)

  • Day ticket Sunday 35 euros & + 15 lectures + live Q&As of that day (early bird 5 euro discount)

  • Weekend ticket 60 euros & + 30 lectures + live Q&As of that weekend (early bird 10 euro discount)

  • Masterclass tickets, different prices

  • Photo reviews,  different prices vary

Bonus: with a weekend ticket you can watch everything online for an extra month. This is possible up to and including June 30, 2021. With a day ticket up to and including February 28. 

3. What happens after purchasing my ticket?

For example, you buy a weekend ticket for both days (13 and 14 March), or a ticket for one of these two days. You will receive your personal link from us by email on Monday 8 March 2021. Use this to log in for the Saturday or Sunday program, masterclass, live Q&A or photo review. All program components are available on one clear Saturday and / or Sunday page. Lots of interaction, watching and listening fun guaranteed!

4. Help, I'm not very good with computers. Can I participate?

All you have to do is log in and then visit the Saturday or Sunday page for which you bought a ticket. You will automatically be taken to the page for which you bought a ticket. On the page of Saturday and Sunday, all program components are neatly and clearly arranged for you. It looks a bit like a Youtube page where you also see the various films, but then in order of the various program parts by means of leaders. And you can enjoy everything that our team has worked hard on in recent months.

5. Which program components are available?

As with our normal physical festival event, we have included the following components in our program:

  1. Inspiration lectures

  2. Educational lectures

  3. Conservation lectures

  4. Live Q&A with various speakers for which you can register

  5. Masterclasses (additional rate)

  6. Foto reviews (additional rate)

6. When will the program components be ready for me?

On Saturday March 13 and Sunday March 14, all program components are available for you from 3.00 PM CET Amsterdam Time. After logging in, you will immediately see the various program components. Do you follow our live opening? Great because we have been living towards this for months! But then again, it’s up to you. It’s a online event and you can watch everything when you want to do so! You won’t miss a thing when you can’t attent the live opening.. Most important thing are the inspiring and educational talks 😉

7. What do I need to participate in the Online Festival?

All you need is a working internet connection, TV, tablet, laptop, your phone, a cup of coffee / tea, a nice chair / sofa and of course some tasty snacks! Oh, and it’s all secured. Just like in the theater, your ticket is personal. So only you have access to our exciting program with your ticket. Lots of fun guaranteed!

8. I don't have time for the weekend of March 13 and 14. Does buying a ticket make sense?

Hell yes. All lectures can be viewed until 1th June , 2021 (including English subtitles if desired. The live Q & As are recorded and can therefore also be viewed. You can then no longer ask the photographers questions :-).

9. What does a live Q&A entail?

During the live Q&As, ask the question you’ve always wanted to ask. Look up the times of the specific Q&As right here. It is of course always useful to watch the lecture of the photographer in question in advance, so that you can ask him / her in-depth questions. You now also have the chance to finally ask your favorite photographer that pressing question you have been dealing with for a while. The speakers are looking forward to the live Q&As. They often give them an energy boost plus a good dose of inspiration!

10. Can I catch the Q&As later?

Of course! The live Q&A sessions are also recorded and you can watch them until June 1st, 2021. Please note that you can only cathch those sessions later that took place on the same date of your ticket purchased.

11. What does the photo review entail?

A professional top photographer will give you feedback on your photos.

How it works? You digitally send us one or a maximum of two of your images you want to ask about. Or maybe you want to receive tips & tricks. You will receive the instruction after your booking. Your photos will then be discussed in a private group session (with those who have registered for this and anonymous is possible).

The session lasts 3 hours and there is room for a maximum of 25 people. In this session all submitted images are discussed. Marsel also edits the images and shows you how a photo can transform. You learn a lot from top photographer Marsel. Especially about the way he looks at the different images of the participants. Viewing and discussing each other’s images is very educational.

So don’t hesitate and sign up for this. Provide a webcam and microphone for live interaction with Marsel. Remember the number of tickets is limited!

12. Ik want to watch with my partner. Is that possible?

Certainly, however, the two of you have to sit behind the TV, laptop, telephone or tablet. Just like in a theater, you pay per person if you want access. In other words, only one person can watch at a time or you can buy two tickets.

13. What kind of system requirements must my computer meet in order to be able to fully enjoy all the program components?

There are no specific requirements, as long as your internet works. The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is recommended for this. These browsers are the least likely to have problems at a global level. Do you have a different browser, no problem. In addition to your computer, you can also watch it on your tablet, laptop and even on your phone. The smaller the screen, the less impressive the experience, however ;-). On what device do you usually watch a movie on demand?

14. Oh no, I forgot my login details. What now?

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily change it. You will be automatically redirected to a website for the online event. If you have lost your account information, click here.

15. For some reason I do have problems or need help. What then?

Our team is available from Friday morning March 12th to Sunday evening March 14 for any questions or comments. We are also available via chat, email and telephone. And of course you can also call or email us before the event. We are available daily.