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Lesley de Beer
Lesley de Beer 34, was involved in setting up a search engine marketing agency in 2004 that was sold to GoudenGids in 2006. After sales sales manager at e-mail and sms marketing agency. Since 2010, Director of National Image Bank and founder of Nature in Stock, both are image banks with stock photos. Meanwhile, he was stopped in May 2015 as director and engaged in new activities.
“Nature fascinates me enormously! I visited several nature photo festivals abroad as a visitor or as a stand-by. In addition, I saw things go well and things that needed better or not. After stopping NVN Festival something new had to be done every year to see and speak to colleagues and other nature lovers. I think that’s Nature Talk. ”

Jurgen Sloots
Jurgen Sloots, 51 years old, has been a nature lover and photographer for 35 years. In 1986 he was one of the co-founders of VNFE (Vereniging van Natuurfotografen Eindhoven) and in 2000 co-founded the NVN (Natuurfotografen Verbond Nederland). With both more than 20 years of management experience. He has organized several festivals in this capacity. In 2015 stopped at NVN and undertook. Now working as a self-employed person in the field of nature photography, including a portal (platform) (Nature Photo Portal), a natural photography photography line (Buteo Photo Gear / and publishing books.

Origin Nature Talks
The NVN held a festival every 2 years, until they decided not to organize a large-scale festival and to reconsider. The festival and / or the new activity did not continue in February this year. This was already known at the end of last year. Lesley bounced this as a stand for Nature in Stock and as a visitor to the lectures. And after many people claimed Jurgen claiming a festival in the Netherlands, this was discussed in a conversation earlier this year. Soon, they came to the conclusion that they would get together and put a new concept down. Both have visited many photo festivals as visitor, stander, board and saw what went well and less well. They have translated this into an annual recurring event: “Nature Talks Photo Festival”.