Federico Veronesi | Sunday

One Life

His passion for Afrika began as a small boy. He was so in love with African animals that his parents just had to take him to Africa! It was the trip of his dreams already and he was just six-years-old. The next time was after university. He came back on an internship organised by the Italian embassy after university and one of the destinations they offered was Nairobi, so he decided to find out what it would be like living there after three months. So in 2000 he moved in and he just loved it, thought: this is the place! It was a total addiction, he couldn’t really get away from. So he decided to move there. He still didn’t have a place to stay and left everything behind. That’s how it started. He used to always drive himself, he never went with a guide, so he got to know the park really well because he was driving himself, finding the animals himself and following them day after day. His worries for the future of its wildlife began there too.

He’s the name behind the cover image of Remembering Elephants, and his first book, Light and Dust, has been published to wide acclaim. Airborne dust actually contributes to the quality of light in his opinon. It gives so much drama and cleans up the imige, cleans up the background. On many of his images you see animals running in dust, which is evocative of an Afrikan atmosphere: there’s light, there’s sun, there’s dust.

Join Federico Veronesi on a voyage of discovery through Africa. Explore the most beautiful places in Africa and its majestic animals with him. During this lecture he will follow his new book One Life. The book is built metaphorically around the cups and savannas of the Serengeti ecosystem.

A story and journey that takes you across the rivers and deserts of Amboseli and Namibia, to the enchanted forests of Mana Pools in Zimbabwe and Lake Nakuru in Kenya. With his beautiful photos he introduces the fascinating animals and their stories. During his inspiring lecture you will also have the opportunity to see more about his approach and photographic style.

Foto van leeuw en leeuwin gemaakt door wildlife fotograaf Frederico Veronesi
Foto van leeuw en jong gemaakt door fotograaf Frederico Veronesi
Foto van neushoorn gemaakt door fotograaf Frederico Veronesi
Foto van een giraf in blue forest gemaakt door fotograaf Frederico Veronesi