Johan Lolos | Saturday

500.000 followers on Instagram in short time. How?

Instagram king and southern neighbor Johan Lolos has a dream job! As a professional photographer, he travels the world for a living. Who would not want that? Johan has a job that you wouldn’t immediately expect from someone who obtained his master’s in Public Relations. However, a few months after graduating in 2015 , he made a decision that changed his life forever…

Johan became a world traveler and influencer on Instagram. He’s a photographer known for his aesthetic nature photos with beautiful light. Someone who is especially attracted to great outdoors and the mountains. His book Peaks of Europe is a good result. During this lecture you will learn how Johan listened to his gouge and is now following his greatest dream: to travel the world as a professional photographer. He also tells how he gained an audience of nearly 500,000 followers on his incredible journey.

In this inspiring lecture he tells you everything about following your “gouge”. He really knows how to capture the light of the most magnificent destinations, as you can see in his aesthetic photographs. Nearly 500,000 people travel virtually with him via Instagram. 

He will share all his tips & tricks with you on Saturday March 13th. About boosting your Instagram account to become King or Queen Instagram. To top it all off, you can book an Instagram Marketing masterclass with him. You really don’t wanna miss this!

Foto van kano in groen water gemaakt door reisfotograaf Johan Lolos
Foto van twee vissers gemaakt door reisfotograaf Johan Lolos
Foto van boom in meer gemaakt door reisfotograaf Johan Lolos
Foto van de besneeuwde bergtoppen gemaakt door reisfotograaf Johan Lolos