Manon Bruijn | Saturday

The power of simplicity

Manon Bruijn is best known for her fox photos (hugely intriguing animals). BBC Earth has shared a photo of her a number of times and several photos have been published in nature magazines. Photographing a stressed animal is an absolute ‘no-go’ for her. As soon as a fox sticks its tongue out to her (a sign of stress), she takes flight. Aggressive deer are more likely to chase her than the other way around…

She loves it when a photo tells a story, but the story does not immediately reveal itself and her imagination is stimulated. The power of wonder. She is also an emotional person. If an image evokes a certain emotion in her, she can enjoy it intensely. She can be very happy with a dreamy atmosphere, beautiful details and tranquility in a photo.

She will explain how she does it during this inspiring and informative lecture.

For example, why do minimalist photos radiate enormous power to Manon? Why does she use black and white, contrasts, high and low key, contours and silhouettes that much? Manon answers these and other questions. She also gives practical tips & tricks that you can apply immediately. In any case, Manon hopes to convey her passion for photography and nature to you!

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