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Polar Lights

Marco Gaiotti is Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Naval Architecture Engineering, but he’s also Ski trainer for professional skiers.  So he’s a jack of all trades. All those different skills are of course very useful for the extraordinary activities he performs to earn a living with.

He was born in Genoa in 1983. In 2007 he discovered, almost by chance, the wild environments of South Africa, and with that the passion for nature photography was born. Every year he explores the most extreme areas of our planet. In 2009 he spent a month in Alaska. He camped there in the wild and observed the untouched nature and spectacular landscapes. From this experience grows the desire to give the passion for nature photography a more professional tone.

In the fall of 2013, he takes part in an expedition to the Svalbard Islands and stays here a few days before the polar night. The results of this photographic adventure prove to be of the highest quality and subsequently appear in major international newspapers, including a full spread print in “The Guardian”.

In recent years, his style has become more oriented towards naturalistic photography. The photos are a powerful combination of flora and fauna, which makes them loaded with meaning: you simply doubt whether the subject is the animal or its environment.

Marco Giaotti has rightly won some major awards in the most important international wildlife photography competitions: The SONY WPA (Open Shortlist), Nature’s Best, Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Memorial Maria Luisa. Other awards have been received from Asferico, GDT European Photographer of the Year, Montphoto, Oasis, Glanzlichter, SIPA, Global Arctic Awards and Nature Photographer of the Year.

His inspiring talk is about photography in the high Arctic. In his presentation, he shows the arctic fauna during the change of seasons, when the polar lights are at their best. He also discusses climate change: sea ice that melts earlier in the season and recedes more and more every year. The periods without ice are therefore getting longer every year. Many animals depend on the pack ice for survival. This is therefore a serious threat to many arctic species.

Marco loves unspoiled natural landscapes. In his landscape he subtly gives way to different animal species such as polar bears, walruses, arctic foxes and seals. His photos are distinguished by the magical soft lights that illuminate the landscape. Or because of dramatic skies. Marco’s images are in any case a feast for the eyes.

As of January 1, 2020, Marco Gaiotti will also be involved in our photo tours as a tour guide.
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IJsbeer gefotografeerd door Marco Gaiotti
IJsberen gefotografeerd door Marco Gaiotti
Muskusossen gefotografeerd door Marco Gaiotti
Wederopstanding gemaakt door fotograaf Marsel van Oosten bij Nature Talks Fotofestival