Mario Suárez

Born in Asturias, Northern Spain, were he lives and works as a Primary teacher, which allows him to instill his students love for Nature.

Now 50, he is a photographer since he was 13, when his father gave him his first SLR camera. The arrival of digital photography was the starting point of his current passion: bird photography. Living close to the North Spanish coast, a great place for sea-shore birds and their migrations, has allowed him to specialize in photographing these amazing little traveler birds during the last 15 years.

Mario has worked with nature magazines, newspapers and government publications, has participated in several exhibitions and has also been awarded in most of the best international nature photography contests. He has also taken part as a jury in some of them. Mario is an
active member of several Nature and Birds Associations, but he feels especially proud of being a founding member, and nowadays president, of AFONAS, the Nature Photographers Association of his county.

“My passion is bird photography, and I try to show the beauty of birds. I attempt to capture unique moments. If it weren’t for the magic of photography these moments would go unnoticed. And there are many of those waiting for us to view. And what do I want to transmit?Well hopefully our work helps to raise awareness of the beauty that surrounds us, many times very close to home, and to encourage respect for mother Earth.”

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